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President’s Message

John Boychuk

Dear Member Businesses and Property Owners:

Your Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area’s (MPBIA) mandate is to create an enhanced business environment and to assist our members with any related individual concerns.

We are the second oldest BIA in the City, founded in 1989 by local business people such as yourselves who saw a BIA as being an important vehicle to improve their business community and attain their collective goals. They understood a BIA can effectively organize and finance area improvement programs and marketing initiatives that would otherwise be unavailable to the individual local businesses.

We are very proud of the significant contributions this organization has made towards the amazing transformation that has taken place in our community. Main Street and Broadway is now a place that any business can be proud to call home and is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the city.

Our volunteer Board of Directors are duly elected members from among our local business people and property owners. They donate significant time and effort working your behalf both at the board and committee level.

Our organization exists to serve your needs and we encourage you to become involved. Let us know of any concerns you may have, and your suggestions for beneficial initiatives we should pursue. Our Board of Directors, and our Executive Director, Lynn Warwick, look forward to hearing from you.


John Boychuk
President, MPBIA


Today’s Mount Pleasant is one of Vancouver’s hottest residential markets and up-and-coming neighbourhoods, attracting loyal and new “Urbanites” to the area each day.

Mount Pleasant is a young adult, well-educated, and ethnically diverse community with a high density population of 23,615 (2006 Census). With hundreds of condominiums under construction and many more on the drawing board, the community is undergoing rapid and exciting transformation.

Mount Pleasant is home to many young professionals and first-time homeowners, an increasing number of young families, and a vibrant artistic community. The warmth and liveliness of area, the growing list of amenities, and the close proximity to downtown are all strong pillars of the MPBIA’s growth and demographic make-up.

For more information, visit the MPBIA office or explore the BIZ Map BC profiles for Commercial and Neighbourhood, read our recent newsletters (2012, 2013, and 2014), or contact us anytime.

Benefits of Our BIA

Economic Development

The primary objective of the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area (MPBIA) is to keep our business community vibrant and increasingly prosperous. We actively encourage business recruitment and support business development. Our on-going support of the Vancouver Fair Tax Coalition has contributed to a $1.3 million tax relief benefit for our membership from 2006-2011.

Marketing and Promotions

The MPBIA implements a strong and effective marketing and promotions program to heighten the profile of our area so as to make the MPBIA business community top-of-mind. Annual events are high-profile and include Autumn Shift Festival, Tree Chipping for Charity, O Christmas Tree, Halloween and Christmas decorating contests, the co-sponsoring of Main Street Car Free Day, and City initiatives such as VIVA Vancouver. Our website includes a directory of all our member businesses.

Street Beautification and Maintenance

The MPBIA ensures our business community is attractive and welcoming. Our banners identify the area as a unique shopping district and our planters and hanging baskets are a welcomed annual tradition. Both draw increased traffic and interest to the area. We hire Coast Foundation to clean our sidewalks and ensure the City takes appropriate action regarding graffiti and maintenance.


The MPBIA actively lobbies on behalf of its membership to promote their interests to the City with regards to initiatives that significantly impact in our community. These include the Mount Pleasant Community Plan, UBC Rapid Transit Study, the Central Broadway Planning Program and proposed changes to Mount Pleasant’s industrial zoning.

Addressing our Members‘ Individual Concerns

A major role of the MPBIA is to address the range of our members’ individual concerns as they arise; our goal is to achieve equitable solutions on their behalf.

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