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Breathe 1-2-3.

Now jump up and down five times!

That’s it!

Now you know the excitement we feel about the impressive number of health and service opportunities we provide our residents and visitors every day, any day.

The Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area (MPBIA) is home to a bucket-load of every health and service businesses under the sun. Bring our member businesses your legal matters, your accounting conundrums, and your architectural brain-teasers, and they will solve them!

Bring our member businesses your weary bones, your sore teeth, your ailments, and your vitamin wish list, and they will mend them!

Bring our member businesses your passion for dance, your community spirit, and your life-long learning goals, and they will inspire you!

The MPBIA is easily accessible by car, taxi, transit, bike, skateboard, and foot, making us an easy-to-reach destination for all your regular and spontaneous health and service needs. Our businesses love doing business here because they love doing what they know best, helping you live an active and fulfilled lifestyle in your community. Check them out in person, or through our online directory, and pamper yourself with a lot of MPBIA TLC!

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