Home Cooking…Hooray!

I am starting my summer of with healthy living, and delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners – easy, right?

Yes and no. As someone who is not a master in the kitchen, the idea of cooking meals at home in my kitchen is something daunting and out of this world to me. In theory, however, it shouldn’t be that difficult. From what I hear, you just find a recipe, make sure you have all the right ingredients, purchase the missing pieces (including cookware), prepare the ingredients so they are cook-ready, cook the dang thing, and then eat!

Well, now the issue boils down to what I should actually cook. For inspiration I recommend taking a look at the menus of your favourite restaurants, and of course sampling the menus that catch your eye.

For my inspiration, I headed to The Foundation (2301 Main Street). These guys and gals know how to make mean main dish. It was delish –tough competition for my soon-to-be dinner masterpiece.

Next step: Find a recipe, shop, and cook! Using Google as a handy-dandy kitchen helper, I found a recipe that looks “user friendly” and eater-pleasing. With this in tow, I was able to head to Everfresh Produce
(2970 Main Street) for my veggies and to Marketplace IGA (2949 Main Street) for everything else. Obviously, I was also missing a pot and a pan (kitchen ignorance is bliss when you love eating out!) so I also stopped by the VGH
Thrift Shop Society
(120 East Broadway) for some much-needed kitchen supplies. This shop is great because a portion of the sticker price on each item is translated into dollars raised for the Vancouver General Hospital.

With this good-spirit surging through my veins, I went home to make my soon-to-be famous pasta, which incidentally, turned out to not only be edible, but also quite good. Huh – who would have guessed that such a
devoted dining-out lover would be able to pull together such a “pretty good” home-cooked meal?

Dessert, obviously, is the bliss of not having to worry about doing dishes because you have corralled one of your dinner guests into manning the sink!

- Kara

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